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In the last few years - the newest business venture for Gwatney has been Gwatzilla Wash-N-Lube located just two blocks north of Gwatney Chevrolet.  Gwatzilla is a highly unique lube business - and incorporates the longest and most advanced automated car wash in the state.

Lube Tech

Like Gwatney's other businesses  - there are a variety of positions incorporated into the daily operation of Gwatzilla Wash-N-Lube.  Lube Techs are the staff that keep the oil change side running like a well-oiled machine.  Typically the lube operation works with a "Dry Tech" and a "Wet Tech".  The Dry Tech typically works everything around the vehicle - while the "Wet Tech" works underneath the vehicle - where the oil is drained and filter changed, etc. 

Wash Attendant

On the car wash side of things - there are always 1-3 staff members helping to bring in cars to the automated system, help customers with kiosk questions and keep the vacuum area clean and orderly.

Would you be a good fit for Gwatzilla?

Gwatzilla always has an eye out for professional, dedicated, hard working employees.  Experience is not completely necessary but beneficial.  Gwatzilla has a summer and winter schedule and it open seven days per week.

Apply Online

You can actually submit an application online here to Gwatzilla Wash-N-Lube

Customer Testimonials

It's the best car wash ever, the people are really nice, the guys do a great job at pressure washing before your go through the automatic wash, I used to spend 8.00 or more doing it myself, but the equipment is all up to date, not worn, and they just do a great job, thank you for your service - Judie Ball

I stopped in early morning on my way to work. In and out in 15 minutes. The guys were quick, friendly, and very professional. This was the first time I used the lube side. Will definitely be going back. - Tonya Watson

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1701 TP White Drive, Jacksonville, AR 72076 USA